ShaveMateThere is a new razor that is making a difference because it’s helping simplify our busy lives. The name of this little marvel is ShaveMate, although you might have heard it referred to as Titan6 for men or Diva5 for women – and it is the first truly innovative improvement in shaving in many years.


If you find yourself standing before a mirror, or in the shower, running a sharp instrument over tender areas of your body – you’re going to want to bookmark this site and visit often for the flow of information that will change your shaving habits of a lifetime. We invite experienced users of this new, fine instrument to make comments and write reviews just for your enlightenment. So, check us out on a regular basis!

Not a Dream – It’s That Fast and That Smooth!

ShaveMateShaveMate represents a new way of shaving that provides you with much smoother skin. Six in-line blades top this ShaveMate Image 5new kid on the block, as well as a built-in shaving cream dispenser. The razor itself features aqua-flow blade rinse, a non-slip grip handle and an on-off valve button. All these wonderful features – but the one that is going to rock your world every day is discovering how fast ShaveMate gets you out of the bathroom!