Basic gymnastic exercise – three basic exercises for strength training

If you are a fitness freak, then this content will be going to teach you some natural and necessary moves to stay fit. Many people are mainly focused on gymnastics strength training then here we will discuss some gymnastic moves. Besides this, it will help you to gain muscles plus ideal for losing fat from a particular part of the body. It will transform your body and want it to be vigorous and sturdy; then the below-mentioned exercises are worth to try.

Hollow body hold

This position is known as foundation position as this is considered idol for beginners. For doing this position, start with lying on your back, and your legs should be stretched out. And yes, it is similar to some of the yoga poses as you have to stretch your both legs together but keep your toes pointed. Flex your knees and at the same time straighten your legs. Besides this, do not bend your arms and keep them straight as longs as you can. Now after this, lift your legs and arms slowly, but your lower back should be pressing towards the floor. Your abdominal area should be squeezed, but your shoulders must be slightly lifted.

  • Do this exercise for around 60 seconds. You can set a timer or use a stop watch. At first, this will be uncomfortable, but with a little bit of practice, you will become perfect.
  • If you do not feel able to holds the position for sixty seconds, then it’s ok as start with the duration of twenty minutes. When you become used to this exercise, and then increase your time limit.

Arch by hold

By the name of this exercise, you can understand that it required some flexibility. Well, if you don’t have it then this exercise will make you flexible. Also, it just opposite to the hollow body exercise as it is all about your body interior core. The arch one helps you to release tension from muscles resulting in body flexibility. It is capable of opening tight areas of your body like chest or hip flexors. So, here are the steps:

  • Lie down on your belly and outstretched your arms. Also, straighten up your legs and then start raising your feet and hands from the floor.
  • You aim to form a posture which looks like an arch. Your lower & upper body will be lifted off to the ground forming an arc. Hold this position up to your full potential and do it around four top five times.
  • This should also be done for sixty minutes. Look at Fit2BMom‘s post for more.

Standing pile stretch

Want to get relax during your training session? Well, there is no exercise better than this one as it will release tension from muscles and joints.

  •    For this, stand straight and locked your knees, and then bend or lean forward.
  •     Slowly fold over forward and the try to touch the ground on your palms.
  •    Hold this for around a minute and then get back to your original position.

Try these exercise as you will get reward from them in the form of good health, strengthen muscles and make your relax.