Finding a good razor can be a real pain, but recently I noticed that I had a lot of issues finding the right one that wouldn’t feel as if it was going to rip my skin off, but was smooth enough that it would get even the most pesky hair. My friend told me about Shavemate razors. I looked into them and I went ahead and ordered both the Diva6 and Titan 6.  If you’re looking for reviews try electric shaver help.

The first thing I noticed that I absolutely loved was the fact that it has 6 blades, so I had a better shave quality. The blades are more narrow and made of a better grade of steel, unlike other disposable razors. I tested these to see if I would get the same type of smooth shave over a period of a week. I in
fact, had the best shaving experience of my whole life. I was able to get a close and smooth shave, but the one complaint that I had is that if you longer hair, your blade tends to clog up a lot more. Don’t worry, it is a lot easier to clean and even replace than others like it.

What makes these razors even more awesome, is that they have shaving cream in the handle. It is really thick and rich, which they boast about and it is true. It was truly the best shaving cream I have ever used in a long time. Although, it says there is enough shaving cream for a week, I got through it in about 5 days, but I tend to use more because I have pretty sensitive skin.

After a week of use, I noticed that I am still getting a super smooth and close shave and that my blades are still pretty sharp. That for me was a huge plus, because I don’t want to waste a lot of money that won’t really last for me at all.

You can grab a 3-pack of them on Shavemate’s website and it will cost about $15 with shipping and handling. That isn’t bad considering that their replacement blades and replacement shaving cream is fairly cheap, unlike name brand competitors.

I would recommend this brand of razors to anyone who asks about them. Not only did I get a really amazing shave, but I also didn’t have to replace my razor as much either.

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