A badger shaving brush is the recommended implement for applying shaving cream to the face, prior to shaving. They generally come in 3 grades;

Silver Tip

The highest quality Badger Brush. Hand graded using rare and finely graded, untrimmed, natural, silver tipped Badger Hair. This Brush will provide years of luxurious shaving.Will produce the ultimate shave.

Super Badger

This high quality grade of hair is only used in hand filled brushes. The hair is from the back of the badger and presents a distinctive dark band in the natural fan shape of the brush. This hair has superior water retention qualities and is generally softer than the Best Badger brush. Used with a quality shaving cream will produce a superior shave.

Best or pure Badger

This grade of brush is generally accepted as being the benchmark standard of shaving brush manufacturers. Hair is used from the pelt including the belly and provides hair firmer to the touch. Great for exfoliating the skin during the shaving process. A high quality brush which will give years of service. Recommended for new shavers for a quality shaving experience.

Other Brushes

Hogs Hair. This type of shaving brush is preferred by shavers who like a firmer feel to the brush, generally better for exfoliating during the shave.

How to look after your Shaving Brush

A badger shaving brush is a natural product and with careful attention should provide 10-15 years use.

Wet your shaving brush thoroughly before use, dip the tip into the shaving cream or soap and lather gently using a circular motion. Apply lightly to the face , being careful not to cause splaying of the brush hairs.

After shaving, rinse your brush thoroughly with clean water, not too hot, shake off the excess water and place your shaving brush in a stand with the hairs facing downwards. Natural hair that is left wet will cause mildew and hair deterioration. If affected by mildew or a build up of soap soak in a solution of Borax to cleanse.

Going Straight? Straight Razors (Cut throats)

Undoubtedly the closest shave you can achieve is with a straight or open razor, commonly referred to as a “cut throat razor”. The reason for this is the blades ability to cut the whisker cleaner and thus avoiding dragging the stubble. Once mastered not only will you achieve a better shave but long term it will prove a more economical investment. A quality straight razor should last a lifetime, thus saving on costly blade replacement.

Along with your cut throat razor you will need a strop and some strop paste. This essentially sharpens the blade. Usually between 7 to 15 shaves are possible before you need to strop. The use of straight razors is fast increasing, many preferring to use this “old school” method of shaving because of the reasons mentioned earlier. Why not invest in a decent straight razor yourself. You’re sure to notice the difference.