ShaveMate is an innovative razor company that provides men and women’s razors that have shaving cream in the handle. Our razors are TSA approved for travel and offer a convenient change from using a shaving can. With the shaving cream in the handle, users can making their shaving experience smoother and easier.

We also have men’s razors and women’s razors that are different colors and have different colored shaving cream in the handle. The Titan and Diva razors are a great all-in-one travel razor, perfect for any vacation or trip.

ShaveMate also offers low prices for these smart razors that allows anyone to purchase them without sacrificing quality. Our Club ShaveMate also offers members the opportunity to get monthly razors for reasonable prices.

The ShaveMate Titan and Diva give such a unique shaving experience with its all-in-one technology. People noticed; Good Housekeeping, Oprah, NBC, and Glamour Magazine just to name a few. Diva and Titan razors have never left anyone disappointed or without a super close shave for that matter. Don’t take our word for it, check out these featured videos and articles below and see for yourself!

This unique feature means no more cans in the shower, or crowded bathroom countertops.