At present, the COVID – 19 quarantine conditions has pushed many mens to step into bathrooms and to do shaving process by themselves. Men’s shaving process by performing it individually is really a challenging task but there is no hope for men as all barber shops are ordered to be closed till this lockdown is lifted up. It is obvious human hair do not know that the world is in lockdown now and not to grow till barber shops get opened. So, the only way which can be done is to perform individual shaving process.

Interesting steps taken to shrink this hair growth

At this lock down time people stay inside their home and there is no scope for anyone to move out. Being inside home by locking the doors will be really boring and so this has elevated many hidden talents of men. One of such talent is doing trimming and shaving process individually. Other than this individual shaving technique there are few other interesting ways which men take up in their hand to make it more interesting and let us see those interesting ways which are now popular.

Shaving job taken by wife

As to overcome the hair growth issue men are now seeking the help of their partners to trim their hair. Trimming the hair to a very short form or to the last inch is other option and it is somewhat different than clean shave. Clean shave wipes out all the hair found in both face and head of the man where as trimming leave hair to shortest length. This gives a different look and now in this lockdown many wives are now performing this task to help their husbands.

Turning completely hairless

The other way taken by most of the men is shaving out the entire hair both on the scalp and on the face. This process can be done individually and the man need not seek his wife’s help. So, it is also one of the methods which are being adopted by many men in this lockdown time. Many people in western countries are trying turning their hair style to tonsure form which is also more interesting as it gives a monks look.

The new trend – Posting pictures on social media

It is obvious people post their pictures on social media but now this is done by being inside home itself. It will be not interesting if normal look is been updated and so many males are trying interesting men’s shaving methods and they are posting it on their social media accounts. Recently the famous Indian cricketer has posted his picture where he is found with his wife and his hair on both head and face are trimmed. He has mentioned it is done with the help of his wife and looking upon this many wives voluntarily takes trimmers on their hands to trim their husbands’ long hair.

Altogether lockdown has brought many changes in human life and many such changes are quite interesting like this men’s shaving process. Even many have commented on social websites saying they are going to follow this shaving method constantly and they will no more move on to barber shops. Still there are many changes which are about to occur and all that will come to an end only if this lockdown gets lifted up.